The local  eye on road activities in Chestfield

Operated by local volunteers this scheme is being run to bring  about increased road safety in our village and raise awareness about speed.

During observation events.. all the volunteers will wear yellow jackets.

The aim is to ensure that the speed limit is observed.

We need more volunteers to ensure the regular operation of this important village activity. So please IF you have some spare time and would like to assist our small band of  volunteeers please contact our the Clerk. 



Speedwatch is part of a national initiative that gives the local community an 
opportunity to work with the police and local authorities.  
Parish Councils 
identify areas where there is a persistent problem with excessive speeding. 
Volunteers gather information so that police can target persistent reckless drivers. 
Interactive signs at the site informs the driver of their speed and 
encourages them to slow down.