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Housing Needs Survey for the village - Dear Residents, all households are being sent this Housing Needs Questionnaire that was mentioned in the last edition of the Chestfield magazine.  This questionnaire has been requested by the Parish Council and prepared by Tessa O’Sullivan, from Action with Communities in Rural Kent. Forms will be returned to Tessa and she will write a report of the findings. It is important that residents complete this document as it will give a true picture of what housing there is in Chestfield and what, if any, is needed, for example:

-       for older people who might want to downsize or move to more suitable housing;

-       people who have family in Chestfield who want to purchase housing here but can’t afford it;

-       residents of Chestfield who need affordable housing, or

-       families who need larger housing. 

We will then be informed about the number, size, and tenure of housing that might be required by residents of Chestfield in the future. Once completed please return the survey to Tessa by 2 March 2016.

development proposal for land at the back of Maydowns Road 

In 2014, Eton College submitted an application for a mixed use development on land at Bodkin Farm including 290 houses. Read the parish council response here and the logistics map here . At the development management meeting held on 11 November 2014 Canterbury City Council voted 10-0 to refuse the application. However, Eton College lodged an Appeal with the Inspectorate. To view their Appeal case click here and the covering letter . Read the parish council's further response to the Appeal here and the further letter to the Inspector here. The Appeal was heard during August 2015  in The Guildhall, Canterbury. Read the parish council clerk's writeup of the first week here, the Clerk's speech to the Inspector here and the Chairman's speech to the Inspector here 

The Inspector determined the Appeal and her decision is to dismiss it. Her paperwork can be read here

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This website has been created by the parish council and is being continually updated with local news and articles of interest. Any comments about the website or suggestions for possible inclusion should be directed to the Parish Clerk. Should anything or any organisation have been omitted from the new website we apologise in advance, should you come across any errors or links that do not work properly please let the Parish Clerk know by email.  We will endeavour to put things right without too much delay.

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